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Old 08-15-2009, 06:49 PM
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Like others here I found the Jim Butcher books as a result of the TV series and, of course, the books are far superior, but the TV series was enjoyable for all its faults.

I like the idea of a Greywalker TV series, although it will undoubtedly suffer a similar fate to Harry Dresden. Sort of lost in translation.

However, I would love to know who you would cast as our favourite characters.

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Old 08-16-2009, 05:54 AM
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I have a really hard time answering that question, because I never gave it any thought. What do you guys think?
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Old 08-18-2009, 10:36 AM
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I would really love to see Greywalker into a TV series but I hate how they never stick to the books. The Dresden Files is a good example and also the True Blood series (Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series). Season One was more closely related to the first book, now the current Season Two is loosely based on the second book. I'm getting more and more annoyed with how they are changing up the story, characters are not the same (some have bigger roles than in the books, some are non-existent in the TV show, some are not true to 'character'), and they're making up story lines for characters that don't stay true to the books.

Maybe they could do a mini-series on Greywalker and perhaps they'd stay more true to the books.
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Old 08-22-2009, 02:46 AM
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I've thought about casting only briefly. I'm going to have to ponder this for a bit.
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Old 09-09-2009, 06:46 PM
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Unfortunately, it's impossible for a TV series to stick to the plots of books. TV moves at a different pace so the ideal TV series should remain true to the characters and the concept while happily going in whatever direction is going to keep it on the air longest.

I asked Jim Butcher how he felt about the Dresden Files TV show once and he said "regardless of anything else, it's an hour long, weekly commercial for my books and that's always good!" Butcher wasn't on the NYT bestseller list until it was announced that there was going to be a TV show.

Also, during the tour I did talk to a few people in Hollywood--no excitement now, it was just idle conversation in a bookstore and that's probably All it will ever be--but at least there's some interest. Must wait and see....
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Old 09-28-2009, 08:19 PM
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Default Hmm....

Well, having finished the 1st 3 books I have some thoughts on this. Seeing as it is just talking and hypothetical I will just put on the basic flame proof suit

Some assumptions with reference to Harper

I do not recall seeing a specific age or age range for Harper but I am going with early 30's. It generally fits with having had somewhat of a career as a dancer, before becoming a P.I.

We have a general idea of physical appearance and condition for the books, so a more athletic build would seem to be best suited.

Someone who as acted in an action type role of course would be best, I hate people who hold firearms and look like they are holding something that could bite them at any second.

Realistically this should be kept to television actresses but hey it is only hypothetical.

Having stated my assumptions, I think possibly Amanda Tapping from Stargate / Sanctuary would be a reasonable choice. She meets most of the criteria from a physical and general career point view. Given her background on her last two series the move to a Greywalker universe would be an easy transition.

I have some other ideas in this area, but most of the actress don't in my mind suit a darker world.

I think the most difficult characters to cast would be Quinton and Carlos. In Quinton's case his character is quirky and eccentric. Casting that type of character can be difficult, and just to make things interesting he seems to be a sort of MacGyver sort of person able to build things out of basic parts. I simply can not wrap my mind around who could play him. He almost needs to be played by a good character actor, but with more depth.

The problem I see with casting Quinton is going for the balance, to give you an idea the original choice for TV Columbo character was Bing Crosby. Possibly the worst choice for a disheveled, bumbling sort of detective, in the the end we got Peter Falk who did an outstanding job. I can see a choice for Quinton going the same way, far too "character" or far too "MacGyver".

Carlos is also to my mind difficult, I generally dislike vampire characters. But the way are portrayed in this universe at least make some sense, sort a wolf pack mentality with an alpha vampire in overall charge and other "lessor" vampire try to gain ascendancy.

The problem I see is having a charismatic and sensual character who at the same time exudes the necessary menace and a general feel of old evil. Hollywood tend to stereotype hard one way or the other on this type of character. He almost needs to be played like Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates in the original Psycho. Sexier,and more sensual yes but with the same kind menace in the background.

More on this later.
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Old 09-29-2009, 04:12 AM
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I'm not familiar with Amanda Tapping--having no TV I am badly behind in my Actor IQ--but yeah, a woman in her early 30s, athletically built, and a touch cynical, but very competent.

Incidentally, Harper does mention her age at the beginning of Underground: she says she's thirty-two.

Quinton I'm really unsure about. I think there are a lot of competent actors who could do it, but a lot would depend on how it's written and how the director works with the actor. Too hammy or silly won't work, but neither would too serious. Balance without blandness can be tough to cast.

Carlos is the most difficult cast in my mind, too. Who the heck do you get to play a 400-500-year-old Portuguese necromancer? I'm not coming up with anybody.

Can you tell I don't cast these in my mind as I write? I'm just not thinking that way, alas.
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Old 09-29-2009, 05:40 PM
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Default Carlos and more

1st off thanks for replying, it is cool to talk to an author about their characters.

Actually it is nice that you worry more about writing good characters rather than who would play them on TV or a movie. It is what draws me to a series, good characters who are interesting to follow.

As for Harper's age opps missed that, but it was a good guess.

For Carlos I really can't get a handle on what he would look like age wise, which helps put actors to characters for me. I get a sense that he would be older more late 30's early 40's in appearance.

It is the sense of menace that your vampires need that eludes me, I get the feeling that Edward has less overt menace and more sensuality than Carlos. But it more an issue of scale (?) than lack.

I think maybe Willem Dafoe could pull it off, but he really is not a Hispanic type that would suit Carlos overall.

Perhaps Ray Liotta, I think he has the right sort of look and is the age I imagine Carlos to be.

Hopefully someone else will chime in here to.

Atmosphere would be very important, being in Vancouver BC and having visited the Seattle area more than a few times. I think without going all Film Nior, more of the grey overcast fall/spring/Winter atmosphere would help. I have no issue with warm sunny days, but feel is important in portraying a book.

The tough part would be the Grey in general, although Harper lives in both worlds at once, I think that would be difficult to display on screen. It would tend to distract from the story somewhat, and when switching from Harper's view point to someone else's would make things confusing for some people.

Perhaps a simple reduction would be the simplest solution, so simply reduce the number of beings in the Grey. So it is there but more in the background until it needs to be in the foreground, when you can increases the intensity.

Ah well back to work for now.
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Old 11-06-2009, 03:23 PM
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Default Hmmm... dunno

I liked the Dresden Files TV series, short-lived though it was. Yes, it was different, but you have to assume that's going to happen, just because, as Kat mentioned earlier, the pacing is very different between a novel and a TV series. In my mind, it didn't have to slavishly follow the books, because you could think of them as episodes between the events in the books. Also, I think it's possible to have a complete story arc like a book if you stretch that single book-length story over a season, a la "24," with the entire 13-20 episodes occurring over the course of a week of story time, rather than trying to write a complete, stand-alone story for each episode like they were attempting, carrying only little subplots forward (like the sexual tension between Harry and Detective Murphy) So for Greywalker, the pilot episode could introduce the main characters and show a little about what they can do, then the next few have individual cases with something mysterious in common, all culminating in a season finale with a big confrontation of some sort.

I agree that the Sci-Fi Channel (or is it Syfy, now? *sigh*) should probably not get this unless some very specific points are written into a contract, like author creative control, an established budget for sets and special effects, and author input during casting (to both ensure quality acting as well as appropriateness).

As for casting, I picture Edward being pretty sophisticated, business-like with a sort of predatory feel, and Carlos being a little bit more nausea-inducing, not so much a goth figure and more of a slightly mad, Lobo kind of guy, a little unkempt and definitely menacing. Someone who doesn't look straight at you, but rather almost looks at you through his eyebrows, and although he seems dressed almost normally, gives off a sort of unclean aura. Quinton I picture also being unkempt, but in a rumpled, geeky sort of way. So a reasonably fit guy with messy hair and baggy clothes that don't show his physique until some scene where his shirt comes off and Harper notices he isn't half bad looking. If you were to include Ben and Mara, I'm thinking bookish, rather unassuming folks who would continue to surprise you whenever they pull out something out of the ordinary like a charm or some spell.

Harper, obviously would require some serious thought, but if I were to give you a kneejerk answer, I would consider Yancy Butler. She's currently 38, and I personally thought she did a really good job in the Witchblade TV series, though there was only so much she could do with the scripts she was given -- it wasn't a bad series, but it could have been much better. She's got a look that's actually pretty close to the Greywalker cover artwork (well, except the weird Russian version with the broadsword...), so I think she could pull it off.
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Old 12-07-2009, 07:20 AM
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Alright this might be an unpopular idea but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. I've made no secret of the fact that I love Fish, he entertains the hell out of me and he's the only character I can cast in my head. Now for the dangerous part...I'd like to see him played by Taylor Lautner. Before everybody freaks out I have a couple of reasons to back up this choice. Yes I know he's probably to young for the role but I really believe he can pull that off well. Added to that he's just a great actor and I think he would do Fish justice. So those are my thoughts.

Greywalker as a short series would be amazing if it went by the old standard of Sci Fi channel mini-series like Merlin with Sam Neil if anyone remembers that one.
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