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View Poll Results: What belongs in Urban Fantasy?
vampires (of the evil Dracula variety) 17 89.47%
vampires (of the Anita Blake and/or Angel/Buffy variety) 17 89.47%
werewolves 18 94.74%
other lycanthropes 18 94.74%
magic (of the Cheap Wicca aka Charmed variety) 11 57.89%
magic (of the conjuration/alchemical variety) 18 94.74%
magic (of the Harry Potter variety) 11 57.89%
angels and/or demons 16 84.21%
aliens 3 15.79%
super technology (cyborgs, freeze rays, laser guns) 5 26.32%
elves and/or other fairie folk 14 73.68%
local myth o' the week (native american spirits, kitsune, djinn, etc) 17 89.47%
time travel 5 26.32%
alternate dimensions 13 68.42%
zombies (of the Dawn of the Dead variety) 15 78.95%
intelligent animals (with or without the power of speech) 10 52.63%
telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic powers (as distinct from magic) 15 78.95%
Something you left off the list (as filled in below) 6 31.58%
You're an insensitive clod! 4 21.05%
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Old 02-03-2009, 03:56 PM
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Nope never read it, I'll consider adding it to the list.

The only way I'd wnat steampunk brought into Greywalker would be if it were done with a lot of humor. But who knows people have incorporated ideas into their work in ways I hadn't thought of in the past so Mrs. RIchardson might come up with somethign really cool if she ever chose to do so, which she probably won't.

Poor Anita nobody likes her anymore...except me and Sigmund. Sorry but Harper would kick her head in she's way tougher.
It is better to chase your dreams down the street and fall flat on your face than to sit on your porch and watch them pass you by.
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