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One of the difficult things with this sort of series is establishing rules and sticking to them so the characters don't become superheroes who can do anything and never take a scratch. I'm not entirely sure of all the limits and exceptions but there are some pretty strict rules and I stick with them. The characters make mistakes and are wrong quite frequently, but I don't have that luxury: smart readers like you guys will come along and point to the book and say "Hey, you messed up right here!" and I would have to say "oh... yes. You're right." And I so hate to be wrong... (Not that I haven't been....)

Vanished has some special cases for limitations to the system so that Harper will never become a superhero or an all-powerful whatsit. She'd be impossible to live with if I didn't put limits on her. And of course, the books would be boring if there were no challenges or dangers.

I do have to state definitively that Quinton is not and never will be a werewolf. Because I don't want Harper to turn into the sort of heroine who shags anything with fangs.
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