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Default Monster phsyics

Just thought we could use a thread for bouncing ideas around the monster physics pertaining to the Greywalker novels.

I've been thinking about Underground and Quinton's explanation of why Werewolves don't exist for a while now. In fact it stuck in the back of my mind ever since I read it.

"All right. Everything I've seen tells me that magic tends to respect the laws of physics-kind of freaky physics, but lawful physics For total form-shifting to happen in less than, say, a couple of days, max, it would have to break conservation of mass, conservation of energy, and the laws of thermodynamics at the very least. If shape-shifting does exists then it's an illusion, not an actual form change-unless it happens very slowly, which doesn't seem to be the case. If someone were to change from human to wolf, he'd have to make a whole lot of physical changes very rapidly, shedding or gaining mass and using up a ton of energy. There just isn't enough elasticity in the system to allow it-he'd burst into flames from the heat of the energetic change alone"(Richardson, 133).

Now I don't have Quinton's science whiz credentials but I do notice two loop holes in his explanation. First off the fast change of a man to a wolf or any other were creature is out of the question by these rules. Fine.

What about a pupal stage? A caterpillar doesn't turn into a butterfly in six seconds, it cocoons itself and slowly changes over a set period. Without bursting into flames. Let's adapt that to something bigger now, say a wolf to a man or vice verse. The image of an ooze dripping, green, slightly luminescent, man sized cocoon with a snarling wolf in front of it hidden in some dark underground corner is pretty striking.

Even sans cocoon if one were willing to put up with days of slow extremely painful changes could it work? Maybe I don't know. I'm not a physicist or a wizard. Would it be practical? Hell no. Fact is turning into a wolf would come in handy but the preparation involved in changing to and back from one would make it a nightmare, and not even a terribly effective one.

So big changes are out for most cases, but what about little ones? Would physics allow one to sprout claws, fangs, or a few extra muscles without exploding? The added bonus to these changes given my understanding is it could be done relatively quickly.

Sorry I know that was all rather long but the theory has been eating at me for a long time now. Plus I just like finding ways around the rules from tiem to time and surprising people.
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