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Thing One
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Well, what about Hel, the Norweigen goddess of Death?
She is half skeleton and half human. She functions as the gateway from life to death.
To me, that makes her a total Greywalker.

It is beings like Hel that I think will be wandering around strong as hell in the Grey.

And we know that there are Necromancers - obviously. So of course there are undead and zombies.

But I just think that there must be families of witches - I bet Mara is from one - Irish isn't she? So why wouldn't there by all powerful families (like corporations) of witches, male and female, who can give Harper hellish times in the Grey....

Oh, thank goodness, I am glad Harper isn't going to go the path that ends in AA meetings. I think drugs and the Grey - BAAADDDD
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