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For the wheel to start turning...

I think for Carlos to have become a necromancer is that he was always touched by death since his childhood. He was close to death, not in the way that Harper was, but in a romantic way. Where Harper was haunted by death, Carlos was calmed by it; he found peace in the inevitable. No matter who or where you are, death is inescapable. Yes, there are beings who are "immortal" but really, they're just not good at dieing (for the most part). The absolutism of death is one thing that he knew for certain, a totem he could rely on in the midst of chaos. He can see the beauty in something passing on from one world to the next. With this frame of mind, Carlos would have probably occupied graveyards, memorials, etc. anywhere where Death's presence was strongly felt also preferring the quiet night to the roaring day. This would most likely have lead him to encountering a vampire, who whether gave him a choice or not, sired Carlos.
As a vampire Carlos is a living-dead being, the best of both worlds for someone who appreciates death, but can only do it while 'alive'. It is after Carlos became a vampire that he was able to utilize the death-potential from his human life, to become an active necromancer. So in order to manipulate the dead, one has to be dead themselves.
As the name implies, a 'greywalker' is straddled between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Everything about the grey is transient: the illusive mist, temporaclines, wandering ghosts, surging energy. A necromancer would however inhabit a still world of death; a void, nothingness. I think when Carlos mentally lobotomized the PK-killer in Poltergiest, all he did was show the man a glimpse of the void/abyss. Someone who cannot comprehend and appreciate the 'nothingness' could only escape into insanity.

To summarize:
Carlos' necromancy was innate to him (or his predisposition to death), that could only be activated after he was turned into a vampire (or a being close to death). Technically any being can learn necromancy, but their connection to death has to be one of the extreme.
The difference between necromancers and greywalkers, is that greywalkers skim the surface of life and death, acting as a conduit between the two. Necromancers are fully enveloped in Death's solace embrace and can use its properties. As for how 'powers' would manifest, greywalkers seem to manipulate and direct energy that is already present in their surroundings (both death and life). From what has so far been seen, greywalkers do not create energy, only use what's already there. A necromancer seems to be able to summon/create their own death-energy and use it for whatever purpose, mostly death related.

That's a possibility...
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