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Default Carlos and the nature of Necromancy

Hello everyone! I am new to the forum so I thought I would introduce myself with a question.

Do you think that Carlos' powers of necromancy are skills that he learned or abilities that were innate to him?
If it is a learned skill, can any being learn it?
If it is innate, was it present before or after he was turned into a vampire?
What are the differences and/or similarities between greywalkers and necromancers?

I am interested in hearing your responses in the context of the Greywalker Universe as well as supernatural mythology in general.

The solicit for Labyrinth notes that Carlos will have a role in the story, pertaining to (MILD SPOILER start) the broken knife found in Vanished and Edwards betrayal mentioned in Greywalker (MILD SPOILER end).


P.S. Kat Richardson I look forward to conversing with you, the creator of all this great Greywalker thought-fuel.

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