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A fan of mine did ask for permission to use the characters and adapt the world concepts for a single-time RPG campaign. Nothing wrong with that, since it's not going out in public, nor is it being packaged and sold. He's not making any money on it, nor is he operating in a venue that overlaps with the publisher's licenses.

This sort of personal use is pretty much in the "fair use" doctrine, since no one is stepping on the copyright in public or making money on it.

And on the Cease and Desist business: the issue often turns on the venue in which the possible infringement takes place. There's kind of an informal hierarchy of entertainment venues when you come down to it, and the higher up that food chain the original property sits, the less they are worried about "lower" venues. it's still an infringement, technically, but where the original venue is unlikely to extend a license, they will care less. So a TV show is a lot less likely to issue a C&D "down" to something like an internet fanfic site, because the possible injury to their property is negligible (it's also a nice demonstration of market penetration). But a writer might well sell "up" into TV or film (or sideways into games and comics), so they're more protective of everything near and above their venue-level.

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