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Default Thoughts about fanfic

I'm talking about the parts that get left, or cut, out over at my blog and that makes me think about fanfic.

I did write some fanfic myself, once--actually I was asked to and I did one piece that went up for the requesting site and another that never did. I often wish the copyright issues weren't so complicated, because I'm plainly not against the idea of people extending a world they enjoy just for the fun of it.

Some of it can get pretty gruesome; a lot of slash is kind of awful and just badly written. But fanfic itself has a wonderful aspect: it's an easy sandbox for developing writers to play in, since they don't have to worry about character and world development; they can just work on basic writing, plot, and motivation.

One of the annoying things about writing novels is that they demand that the writer juggle so many technical aspects of craft as well as artistic expression at the same time, along with engaging and keeping the reader's attention. I wish we had more sandboxes....
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