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The Scavenger Hunt Questions:
  1. What is the real name of the ferret whose photo appears on the site?
  2. What was my original field of study?
  3. Who is the POV character in the Labyrinth excerpt?
  4. What is the ISBN of the Polish book?
  5. Who really wrote The Bat?
  6. What was the date of the first News item on the site?
  7. Who gave the quote that used the term “kicks ass”?
  8. Where did Harper travel in Vanished?
  9. Who was the editor of the anthology I contributed a non-Harper Blaine story to?
  10. Which character did Tom Sniegoski write about?
  11. When will I be in San Francisco?
  12. Aside from my site, where else can you find calendar updates about my professional schedule?
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