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Default New Site, New Stuff, New Contest! (Feb 2010)

Hey folks, I'm just about finished with the revamp so the katrichardson/ sites will be relaunched early next week (Feb 1 is the target). Still scrambling on the last of the launch content, but once it's up, there will be some new stuff at the site and more in the near future.

Here's the biggest change: from now on, this forum will get my own contest posts first, before they go up anywhere else, giving you guys the edge on all the goodies. After all, you spend the time to make this forum work and you deserve some extra thanks. There will occasionally be forum-only stuff, also, just for you guys.

Also, downloadable wallpapers and other fun things will be going up in April, May, June, July, and August at the site. I'm also going to encourage fans to make and post links to creative commons licensed art (not fan fic, unfortunately, since I'd need to work out some issues on that with the publisher).

But before that, there is a new contest up at Literary Escapism that you guys might like: read books from the members of the League of Reluctant Adults, post reviews, and have a chance to win more books from the League! Check it out and pass the link along, please:

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