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Default Hmmm... dunno

I liked the Dresden Files TV series, short-lived though it was. Yes, it was different, but you have to assume that's going to happen, just because, as Kat mentioned earlier, the pacing is very different between a novel and a TV series. In my mind, it didn't have to slavishly follow the books, because you could think of them as episodes between the events in the books. Also, I think it's possible to have a complete story arc like a book if you stretch that single book-length story over a season, a la "24," with the entire 13-20 episodes occurring over the course of a week of story time, rather than trying to write a complete, stand-alone story for each episode like they were attempting, carrying only little subplots forward (like the sexual tension between Harry and Detective Murphy) So for Greywalker, the pilot episode could introduce the main characters and show a little about what they can do, then the next few have individual cases with something mysterious in common, all culminating in a season finale with a big confrontation of some sort.

I agree that the Sci-Fi Channel (or is it Syfy, now? *sigh*) should probably not get this unless some very specific points are written into a contract, like author creative control, an established budget for sets and special effects, and author input during casting (to both ensure quality acting as well as appropriateness).

As for casting, I picture Edward being pretty sophisticated, business-like with a sort of predatory feel, and Carlos being a little bit more nausea-inducing, not so much a goth figure and more of a slightly mad, Lobo kind of guy, a little unkempt and definitely menacing. Someone who doesn't look straight at you, but rather almost looks at you through his eyebrows, and although he seems dressed almost normally, gives off a sort of unclean aura. Quinton I picture also being unkempt, but in a rumpled, geeky sort of way. So a reasonably fit guy with messy hair and baggy clothes that don't show his physique until some scene where his shirt comes off and Harper notices he isn't half bad looking. If you were to include Ben and Mara, I'm thinking bookish, rather unassuming folks who would continue to surprise you whenever they pull out something out of the ordinary like a charm or some spell.

Harper, obviously would require some serious thought, but if I were to give you a kneejerk answer, I would consider Yancy Butler. She's currently 38, and I personally thought she did a really good job in the Witchblade TV series, though there was only so much she could do with the scripts she was given -- it wasn't a bad series, but it could have been much better. She's got a look that's actually pretty close to the Greywalker cover artwork (well, except the weird Russian version with the broadsword...), so I think she could pull it off.
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