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Thank you for the compliments, everybody.

As far as what I think the best editing strategy would be... I think the easiest thing would be to have anyone interested in contributing to register an account with wikia and just put in what ever they are going to do. I (and anyone else interested) will act as moderator and regularly sweep the recent changes to verify what is being put up, and do wiki specific tagging.

For those new to wikis, they are very, very easy to edit or contribute too. On the most simplistic level, if you go to a page and click the "Edit this page" link on the upper left, you can directly add/edit text on the page. There will be an accordion box on the left of the edit page that gives a quick overview of various common wiki tags (i.e. === for Header notes, '' for italics, etc.) The most important (I feel) tag when making a wiki entry is the double bracket [[]]. That tag is what creates a link to another page in the wiki. For instance:

[[Harper Blaine]] is a private investigator in [[Seattle]]

would create a link to the Harper Blaine page and the Seattle page within the wiki.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to ask.

EDIT: Additionally you can use a pipe "|" within that link tag to have a link to one page with a display text of something else. i.e. [[Harper Blaine | Harper]] will like to the Harper Blaine page, but will show Harper as the link text.

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