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Default Carlos and more

1st off thanks for replying, it is cool to talk to an author about their characters.

Actually it is nice that you worry more about writing good characters rather than who would play them on TV or a movie. It is what draws me to a series, good characters who are interesting to follow.

As for Harper's age opps missed that, but it was a good guess.

For Carlos I really can't get a handle on what he would look like age wise, which helps put actors to characters for me. I get a sense that he would be older more late 30's early 40's in appearance.

It is the sense of menace that your vampires need that eludes me, I get the feeling that Edward has less overt menace and more sensuality than Carlos. But it more an issue of scale (?) than lack.

I think maybe Willem Dafoe could pull it off, but he really is not a Hispanic type that would suit Carlos overall.

Perhaps Ray Liotta, I think he has the right sort of look and is the age I imagine Carlos to be.

Hopefully someone else will chime in here to.

Atmosphere would be very important, being in Vancouver BC and having visited the Seattle area more than a few times. I think without going all Film Nior, more of the grey overcast fall/spring/Winter atmosphere would help. I have no issue with warm sunny days, but feel is important in portraying a book.

The tough part would be the Grey in general, although Harper lives in both worlds at once, I think that would be difficult to display on screen. It would tend to distract from the story somewhat, and when switching from Harper's view point to someone else's would make things confusing for some people.

Perhaps a simple reduction would be the simplest solution, so simply reduce the number of beings in the Grey. So it is there but more in the background until it needs to be in the foreground, when you can increases the intensity.

Ah well back to work for now.
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