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I'm not familiar with Amanda Tapping--having no TV I am badly behind in my Actor IQ--but yeah, a woman in her early 30s, athletically built, and a touch cynical, but very competent.

Incidentally, Harper does mention her age at the beginning of Underground: she says she's thirty-two.

Quinton I'm really unsure about. I think there are a lot of competent actors who could do it, but a lot would depend on how it's written and how the director works with the actor. Too hammy or silly won't work, but neither would too serious. Balance without blandness can be tough to cast.

Carlos is the most difficult cast in my mind, too. Who the heck do you get to play a 400-500-year-old Portuguese necromancer? I'm not coming up with anybody.

Can you tell I don't cast these in my mind as I write? I'm just not thinking that way, alas.
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