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Well, having finished the 1st 3 books I have some thoughts on this. Seeing as it is just talking and hypothetical I will just put on the basic flame proof suit

Some assumptions with reference to Harper

I do not recall seeing a specific age or age range for Harper but I am going with early 30's. It generally fits with having had somewhat of a career as a dancer, before becoming a P.I.

We have a general idea of physical appearance and condition for the books, so a more athletic build would seem to be best suited.

Someone who as acted in an action type role of course would be best, I hate people who hold firearms and look like they are holding something that could bite them at any second.

Realistically this should be kept to television actresses but hey it is only hypothetical.

Having stated my assumptions, I think possibly Amanda Tapping from Stargate / Sanctuary would be a reasonable choice. She meets most of the criteria from a physical and general career point view. Given her background on her last two series the move to a Greywalker universe would be an easy transition.

I have some other ideas in this area, but most of the actress don't in my mind suit a darker world.

I think the most difficult characters to cast would be Quinton and Carlos. In Quinton's case his character is quirky and eccentric. Casting that type of character can be difficult, and just to make things interesting he seems to be a sort of MacGyver sort of person able to build things out of basic parts. I simply can not wrap my mind around who could play him. He almost needs to be played by a good character actor, but with more depth.

The problem I see with casting Quinton is going for the balance, to give you an idea the original choice for TV Columbo character was Bing Crosby. Possibly the worst choice for a disheveled, bumbling sort of detective, in the the end we got Peter Falk who did an outstanding job. I can see a choice for Quinton going the same way, far too "character" or far too "MacGyver".

Carlos is also to my mind difficult, I generally dislike vampire characters. But the way are portrayed in this universe at least make some sense, sort a wolf pack mentality with an alpha vampire in overall charge and other "lessor" vampire try to gain ascendancy.

The problem I see is having a charismatic and sensual character who at the same time exudes the necessary menace and a general feel of old evil. Hollywood tend to stereotype hard one way or the other on this type of character. He almost needs to be played like Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates in the original Psycho. Sexier,and more sensual yes but with the same kind menace in the background.

More on this later.
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