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Y'know... I'm not a huge Anita Blake fan. Not since Book 5 or so. I'm looking for something else in a book than what Ms. Hamilton is currently delivering. But that doesn't mean she's not doing a good job of writing something a lot of other people really like. Personally I find her a bit more of the Anne Rice school than the Butcher/Harris/Huff/Green school but there's room for us all.

As to steampunk, I like a lot of the ideas, but as a friend of mine recently pointed out, a lot of steampunk is still in the clever-worldbuilding stage where the writers are largely experimenting with the "cool" and not yet developing the stories. She feels that what is needed is the genre's "Dracula" or "The Matrix"--taking the dominant ideas and props and melding them with an involving plot and characters rather than just staring with childlike wonder at the "neat stuff." I happen to agree. Good story is what we remember even more than great worlds.

It's Vernian in origin, but Jules Verne was a bit of a sloppy potter. Does anyone really remember or care about his characters? Not so much. They remember the ideas like the Nautilus and the Core of the Earth and the hot air balloon that carried Fogg and his valet around the world in 80 Days. But I think some of the upcoming stuff is going to rock that world with much better story and character on top of the wonder of fabulous machines.

And I did slip a steampunk item into VANISHED.... (well, technically it's "clockpunk" but you'll get it when you see it.)
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