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Originally Posted by BlueNinja View Post
Other than the Storm Front episode (which was botched, IMO) the Dresden tv show was fairly well done. No, it wasn't the books, but the writing was good, and it kept the feel of the books fairly well. Sci-Fi channel productions have botched many a book-to-show production, including my least favorite, Riverworld. If they ever announce an Amber set, I will have to study bomb-making.
The show was well done but they just changed too much for me to really accept it as Dresden you know? I'm sorry if that makes me picky but thats just the way it is. There was no blue beetle, no duster, no mouse, no mister, no basement apartment, no classic detective office, and all the other little changes.

I give Sci Fi credit for The Adventures of Screw-On Head though which was an out of the park home run... even if they did decide not to make it a show and went with doing just a thirty minute pilot.
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