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Originally Posted by Harper View Post
But regardless, there is one thing you have to bear in mind: a recurring weekly series would necessarily be different from the books. They can't follow the same development arc and a TV show can't have the same degree of life-changing effects that the books have or Harper would become an all-powerful annoyance way too quickly. Series episodes would have to deal with much smaller, less intimate problems most of the time.
That's sort of what I was thinking too. I realize every week can't be a Greywalker novel and it wouldn't be fair to expect that. But it'd be fun to see the characters adapted to a new setting. Smaller less initmate problems sound good though maybe break those up with a season finale that's a bit bigger.

On the Dresden Files note I'll say this I was excited about the show and it was actually pretty good. But it wasn't the Dresden Files in anything but name which I think turned some of the books fans off to it. Still I'm glad Jim Butcher got the exposure and it brought new people in and got them interested in his books. I'd say more about it because I do have more reasons but I don't want to set anyone off.
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