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It's not up to me, really. Someone would have to make an offer that was good and that means not just money but a lot of other things. So far that hasn't happened, though there are always things happening behind the scenes I don't any solid information about to report. But regardless, there is one thing you have to bear in mind: a recurring weekly series would necessarily be different from the books. They can't follow the same development arc and a TV show can't have the same degree of life-changing effects that the books have or Harper would become an all-powerful annoyance way too quickly. Series episodes would have to deal with much smaller, less intimate problems most of the time.

I asked Jim Butcher how he felt about the Dresden Files TV show at one point and he said that no matter what happened within the context of TV or the show it would always have one wonderful thing going for it: it was a weekly commercial for his books that introduced a whole new group of potential readers to his characters. So from an author's POV, this is a case of "any publicity is good publicity."

And no, I really don't have anyone in mind for any parts if anyone should ask. I just don't think of the characters that way.
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