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Default Vanished: Book 4 progress report

Hi there!

Just a quick Halloween note to let you guys know that the fourth Greywalker novel, Vanished, is now on my editors's desks for review. Since this one takes place largely in London, both the US and UK editors are reviewing it together. I'm hoping to hear back from them late in November with a request for revision.

This is the standard procedure for publication, not a slam on the book. It's always hard to get the first draft perfect and this particular book had a lot of obstacles to overcome, including illnesses, the launch of another book, two other stories that needed writing, the loss of my agent and publicist and the illness and eventual death of one of my pets just this week. It's been rough, but the book was in on time and I think it's not bad.

It is the darkest book to date, however. Things get rather grim near the end, but since I'm under contract for two more after this one, it's obviously not the end.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a few days off to relax and catch up to personal business that got put off while the book was in its final writing rush before deadline. And, of course, there is a Harper Novella coming out in January in the collection Mean Streets which is headlined by Jim Butcher and Simon R. Green. (yay!)
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