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BlueNinja 01-06-2009 07:21 PM

*slips Harper some dice*

Harper 01-06-2009 07:24 PM

You, sir, are wicked....

Sakutian 01-06-2009 07:30 PM

If it makes it any easier I'll forfeit my chance, I already have a copy of Mean Streets coming my way so there's no need to be greedy.

Harper 01-06-2009 07:35 PM

Oh, don't worry about it. I always figure these things out. And you can always give a spare copy away or as a gift. I do personalize them as requested, not just "dear eBay winner..." ;)

Lora's Ghost 01-06-2009 11:30 PM

Favorite Character
I would love to say Quinton for all wonderful reasons that others have mentioned, but I would have to say Phoebe is my favorite from Poltergeist. I love her wit, her accent and her family (especially since they always want to "fatten" Harper up).
Phoebe is her own person, much like Harper, she has her own life and business and I admire her spirit above all things. She has heart and always wants to act in best interest of those she cares about. However, she is never one to triffle with and if you cross her you do so at your risk, just read the sign in her store.
"He Who Steals My Coat Gets Trashed"

Biggie McLargehuge 01-07-2009 01:59 AM

Chaos, most definitely. No one else can cause that level of destruction while looking so ridiculously adorable.

jbeaneii 01-07-2009 03:46 PM

I'm only 1/2 way through Poltergeist but I'd have to say Quinton hands down.
I work at MIT and the MacGyver type solutions he came up with for Harper in Greywalker reminded me of a lot of Grad students around here. As I've said I'm only 1/2 in 2nd book but I assume he'll be around for the 3rd and 4th too.
At least I hope so.


Sakutian 01-07-2009 04:07 PM

Wow it seems like everybody likes Quinton best, I figured Chaos would get more votes than him if nothing else.

jbeaneii 01-07-2009 05:55 PM

Q vs Chaos
I thought about Chaos, but I've never owned a ferret. A good friend used to have an albino ferret that would ride his Roomba around the house.


Harper 01-07-2009 10:40 PM

I just wish my ferret would even use the vacuum... he's so lazy!

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