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  1. You think you got what it takes to be a Colonial Marine, maggot?
  2. Character Generation
  3. Aaron Tyson Stone, MedTech, Marine Recruit
  4. Kaue, shamebearer and Marine recruit
  5. Cooper Williams, Marine Recruit
  6. Anders Tillmann, poet warrior, Marine Recruit
  7. On Empathy & Cyber Psychosis
  8. 'Slyde' Walker, Solo & Colonial Marine Recruit
  9. Phase One: Indoc "Bitch, you in the Colonials now! Embrace the suck!"
  10. Character Rewards
  11. AJ: Wanna-be hacker and street tough & Marine Recruit
  12. Season 1: Episode 1 "Combat Training: Brought to you by Militech!"
  13. Brock Sampson, Ex-Platoon Leader
  14. Tracking Thread
  15. Stand By: We are experiencing technical difficulties...
  16. Cheese and Crackers (to go with the whine)
  17. Merged SubPlot: Slyde Awakens/AJ Awakens
  18. Merged Subplot: Cooper Goes Back In/Platoon Leader Brock
  19. Subplot: Aaron Bails Out
  20. Subplot: Welcome to the Jungle
  21. Regarding Improvement Points
  22. Season 1: Episode 2 "The Last Platoon: Brought to you by Militech"
  23. May I ask a favor?
  24. GUNZ GUNZ GUNZ!! (And other equipment discussions)
  25. A Worthy Complaint
  26. Season 2, Episode 3: The Door To The Metal Room Has Opened
  27. Is anyone still interested in this PBP game?
  28. Cyberpunk, the system